3D Studio Expert

3D Studio Expert

Post by Reasmey » Wed, 15 Mar 1995 02:52:59

Any 3D Studio expert here? I'm still learning how to use this software.

By the way, I"m the thirdth person to post here..hahaha..


3D Studio Expert

Post by Thomas E Ca » Wed, 15 Mar 1995 03:22:28

(Fourth or Fifth,  I've never been in the top ten before... :))

Seriously,  though,  I'd be interested in any info on where to get some
detailed tutorials or add-on stuff.  I'm dying to get at 3ds.  I got it
in conjunction with AutoCAD for use on various and nefarious Civil
Engineering/Architecture Projects.  (Because Color computer graphics and
pretty flashing colors instanly boost your grade on a project :) )
Well,  enough space wasted here.  I'm looking forward to reading this group.




1. 3D Studio Experts Needed

Que Corporation, the world's largest computer book publisher, is looking for
3D Studio experts to contribute (author, technical review, artwork for full
color section, help building the CD-ROM that will be included in the book .
. .) to an upcoming book.

Writing experience is preferable, but not necessary.  Expertise with 3D
studio is required, and any training or consulting work with 3D Studio is a
definite plus.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity, complete the



Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
E-Mail Address/Service:
Software Packages proficient in (include version #):
Area(s) of sotware/hardware expertise:
Hardware you have access to:
Sofware you have access to:
Computer-related experience:
Training experience:
Job experience:
Formal education:
Publishing experience, articles:
Publishing experience, books:
Publishing experience, other:
First Choice Writing Topic:
Second Choice Writing Topic:
Third Choice Writing Topic:

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