Simulating REAL rain

Simulating REAL rain

Post by Sean Wa » Sun, 06 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Welp, my educational version of Max finally arrived (yay) and I need
to get down to creating my project. I am attempting to create a at
least semi-photorealistic city during a thunderstorm. The lightening I
think I can do with that free lightening plugin, but the rain has me
stumped. I need realistic looking rain, and I need it to both deflect
off the buildings and to pool in puddles the way real rain does. I
thought I saw a deflection plugin somewhere, but forgot where. What
would be the best trick to get the splashes and puddling though? I
only have the built in max particles, as all my cash went to Max, and
I can't afford any particle addons like Sandblaster. Would a string of
spheres linked with expressions be the best method of simulation?
Thanks a lot for helping a (now broke) student meet his deadlines :)
Sean Ward


Simulating REAL rain

Post by Gruh » Sun, 06 Apr 1997 04:00:00

This is hardly any help at all, but maybe you will find it useful.

I was watching some Urusei Yatsura tv episodes (hand drawn and much expense
spared) and thinking about the drawing of the rain. Got to wondering how
much of rain coming down is what we know about rain as opposed to what we
see about rain.

Got out the (friend's) CAV copy of Blade Runner and single stepped back and
forth and back and forth outside in the rain.  Came away with the idea that
in the movies, rain doesn't come down or go up, it just is - each frame

Quote:> I need realistic looking rain, and I need it to both deflect off the

buildings and to pool in puddles the way real rain does.

I'm not sure where you are thinking, so just in case this helps - don't be
afraid of implementing the different rain behaviours as different things.
One rain coming down. One little splashies on the building. One gathering
lively puddle. Of course, if you need these items to interact, you'll put
work in there, but it may be the easier approach. Let's sit back and see
what other people offer for solutions.


Simulating REAL rain

Post by Adam Bullie » Mon, 07 Apr 1997 05:00:00


I had to do this same gig,  nightime outside a city, lightening, rain, clouds
over head, puddles, etc.

For lightening use Sandeep Shankars Lightening Plugin

For rain use the spray Particle plugin, remember that rain falls fast

For Puddles you can use a ripple mod or an animated bump map ( I ended up
choosing the latter).

I also used some time lapse video of clouds rushing by over head as diffuse,
displacement, and self illumination maps so that their were stormy clouds in
the sky. Client loved it.

Hope that helps.


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Hey guys,
Ok, so we all know that using the max "blizard" particle system with the
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I had hoped for (usually looks like a very sorry collection of falling
geometry!!)....Does anybody have any tutorials/tips/techniques on how to get
a really, really professional looking rain...Im really looking for a heavy
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All the best



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