Running 3DS under Windows 3.11

Running 3DS under Windows 3.11

Post by Glenn A » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me the best way to run 3d Studio under Windows 3.11
(for network rendering).  I can get it running, but it eats up half of
my 32 meg ram, and also crashes when I try to exit back to windows.  I
need to know the best PIF configuration, can anyone help?

1. Trouble running PS 3.0 on Windows 3.11


I have installed Photoshop version 3.0 on a windows 3.11 system.
Installation went fine, but when I start Photoshop I get the following
error message:

Aufruf eines undefinierten Dynalinks
(Could be translated as "Call of an undefined dynalink", although the
corresponding error message in English might be slightly different)

Is this a known problem and is there a simple solution to it ?


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