Freeware Metaball Modeller! MetaMAX

Freeware Metaball Modeller! MetaMAX

Post by Sandeep Sheka » Sat, 19 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I'm not sure if this has been posted here, but there is a Freeware
Metaball (blob) Modeller out for 3DStudio MAX.  It's called MetaMAX, and
was written by me, Sandeep Shekar.  It's absolutely free, and works
quite well.  Check it out at  If this has been
poster, I apologize for wasting bandwidth.

Sandeep Shekar
SS|nferno on irc (EFNet:#3dsmax)


1. Looking for METABALL type modeller for LW.

I am looking for a metaball type modeller for lightwave. Have you seen
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 good. Someone modeled a tyranasaurus rex and one of those face-huggers
from ALIENS, anyway I am interested in playing with one of those BLOB
programs any help..   Also I'm having trouble FTP'ing into anybody else having problems. I NEED HELP.


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