How to render multiple images (not anims) with video post

How to render multiple images (not anims) with video post

Post by Hrvoj » Fri, 13 Dec 2002 19:16:48

I tried to render few images with 3 cameras. This is what I did (didn't
work). I added scene event for that camera, than image output
event...repeated the procedure 3 times. Only first one rendered but did not
save the jpg.


1. Multiple rendering passes (LW Mac)...not!

I'm doing a job (LW 5.6 Mac) where I desperately need multiple rendering
passes (beauty, specular, shadows etc.) for compositing.

I know there is an excellent plugin available for PC/Alpha users named
Adrian's Nifty Special Buffer Saver where you can get multiple passes in
one go, but it's not available for Mac. So what do I do, and why the
#!?#*! isn't this a standard feature in LW!??

I'm in desperate need for some advice. Are there any Mac plugins
available and if not, what do all you Mac LW users do?

Thanks :-)


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