Rain rain rain

Rain rain rain

Post by Fortra » Fri, 21 Sep 2001 06:57:02

Hey guys,
Ok, so we all know that using the max "blizard" particle system with the
default preset of "rain" will make a rain effect, however, whenever I work
on something that requires rain, I never ever end up with the sort of effect
I had hoped for (usually looks like a very sorry collection of falling
geometry!!)....Does anybody have any tutorials/tips/techniques on how to get
a really, really professional looking rain...Im really looking for a heavy
downpour, sort of like at the beginning of the "DigiMania" showreel. (very
heavy rain).

If anybody can help, I would be most greatfull.

All the best




Rain rain rain

Post by Paul Wallac » Fri, 21 Sep 2001 15:06:48

Great-looking rain :

Particle settings

Model a single raindrop (FFD modifier applied to a sphere works well).  For
best effect it should be very long and thin, tapering to a sharp point at
the top - about 10 times as long as it is wide.  The faster the rain is
falling,  the more elongated it should be.  Use this raindrop as instanced
geometry for your particles.  (Incidentally, have the rain falling at an
angle - rain hardly ever falls completely vertically).

Particle Motion speed Variation = about 35%
Particle Size Variation = about 50%

Object Motion Blur applied to particles.
Duration (frames): 1
Samples: 10
Duration Subdivisions: 10
(You can lower the latter two for faster rendering time at reduced quality)

Material Parameters

Shading:  Phong or Blinn
2-Sided on
Ambient colour:  Black
Diffuse colour: Aqua (RGB 130,200,200 or similar)
Specular colour: White

Glossiness: 50
Specular Level: 80
Opacity: 25

Opacity Falloff:  In, 100, Additive

Create a bright Omni light somewhere in the scene.  Exclude it from lighting
everything but the rain itself.  The idea is to use this light as a
'catchlight' to put highlights on the raindrops.  This helps give it a 'wet'
You also need to make your whole scene look shiny and wet  eg. if you have a
brick wall somewhere, put a glossiness map on it.
I think the secret of creating good rain is to spend at least as much time
showing its interaction with the environment - puddle splashes/ripples,
water dripping from objects,  trickling down windows, etc.

Have fun!



Rain rain rain

Post by Fortra » Fri, 21 Sep 2001 18:09:03

Wow, now thats what i call great looking rain......
thanks Paul...your a star :)

All the best