Camera Match PlugIn ?

Camera Match PlugIn ?

Post by Pangalos Aghissilao » Wed, 22 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Currently working for an Office that purchased 3Dstudio Max2, I was
wondering if it is possible to get a PlugIn that substitutes the "Camera
Match" function available only with 3Dstudio Viz.

Could anyone, please, let me know if that kind of PlugIn exists
and where is it possible to find it ?

It can be any kind of PlugIn that generates a 3Dstudio camera view
according to the view point of a background image of a site (scaned
(This is possible by establissing links of precise 3d points of your model
to equivalent 2d points on the bitmap image of the background)

Thanks in advance
aghis pangalos