Problem with 3D Studio MAX VRML Exporter

Problem with 3D Studio MAX VRML Exporter

Post by Johnn » Sun, 02 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Anyone succeded to create a vrml scene with 3ds max vrml explorer and
then view it in netscape 3.0? Netscape 3.0 beta seems parse the file but
nothing is displayed !
I've tried with Kinetix VRML browser topper - but I get a "can't load
file" (VRML scene) message.

If I convert the whole MAX scene to 3D Studio R4 and use the IPAS VRML
exporter it works but some attatched objects with several materials
isn't converted properly.

Thanks in advance !


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3D Studio MAX crashes while trying to export a Lightscape Preparation file
using the newest Lightscape Exporter Plug-in.  I have a 200 Mhz Pentium
Pro system with 128 Megs of ram.  I have a Matrox Millennium accelerator
board with 8 megs of memory.  I'm using Windows NT 4.  

I've had this with very simple models like a single small group of objects
(a desk) enclosed by a single box primitive.  Nothing fancy.  I can export
the box and I can export the desk separately, but together they crash.
Any help would be appreciated.  I hope this is enough technical info.

Bill Dill


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