Texture Baking Script

Texture Baking Script

Post by Alex Snap » Fri, 13 Jun 2003 20:12:43


I have written a script to bake lightmaps into renderware materials.  The
script uses a Unwrap_UVW modifier to flatten the geometry and then uses the
#bakeSelected render type.  All appears well with test scenes, but when I
light one of our models the lightmaps seem to be lit from different angles
ie one mesh is lit correctly and the other is lit as though the light is 180
degs from where it is.  The inbuilt Render to texture function has the same
problem ( fairly obvious as my code is heavily based on the script ).  Any




1. Bake Softbodies bake cloth


                Im looking for a technique that will Bake Softbodies and
cloth animation. I have tried to use the bakesoft.mel, and
bakecloth.mel, but neither of them work. I'm currently rendering a scene
that has a number of softbody dynamics with collide, and a simulated
cloth object. For every frame the batch renderer will cycle through the
whole animation to the current render frame. Is there a solution for
this issue? I just cant imagine that it haves to cycle over the complete
animation every time. If any of you maya professionals have a solution,
please email me.

Frank Bonniwell
Black BOX FX studio

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