Something to do with IK/FK again ...

Something to do with IK/FK again ...

Post by Lu Ken » Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:02:04

I've created a character with individual parts. the modelling seems okay,
but the problem is animating it.

The character is a bipedal creature, and has the same amout of joints that a
human does. (ie : waist,thigh, shin, heel, foot - linked in that order). I
have set the waist as the terminator, and adjusted the limits to each joint.
i have attached a dummy object to each of the foot joints and a dummy to the
waist, and was hoping to use that to animate it in a simmilar fashion as the
bug tutorial in max 3. for some reason things just dont seem to perform as
I'd expect.

has anyone got an answer to why it doesn't work, or have I got it
fundamentally wrong. I'm currently using max 4.0. suggestions please..

thanks in advance

suggestions, critisizm welcome


1. A question on FK-IK

I've created a character in parts, meaning like theres a part for the foot,
the shin and the thigh. is there some way i could set it up so that i could
use both FK and IK using max 4 ?

i was hoping to get it to work something like the bug tutorial in max 3, yet
still be able to manually edit each of the joins in FK. i need it to do
acrobatic, kung-fu like things. would character studio or some funky bone
setup (without skin) be an option be a viable option ?

any help would be much appriciated...
many thanks


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