max return value ...

max return value ...

Post by cey » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 06:54:53

Hi, i'm scripting a little stuff with max , but i have a problem with the
return value of a fonction. Here is the fonction :


Global angle = 0
Global sample = 4

function calcangle sample angle =
angle = 360/sample
return angle

return angle


After, when i'm using the return value 'angle', she still contain  her
initializing value: ( 0) and not the value calculate in the fonction '
calcangle'  WHY ????

please  help me !!!

thaks a lot bye bye...

Clment Vidal



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OK, I am really pissed off because I can't figure it out...I've RTFM many
times (mainly the sections and, and I still can't figure it
out.  I am making a 'plug-in' that requires the use of randomly generated
numbers.  I also wanted them to be negative numbers as well.  So, I created a
macro that would return a +1 or a -1 (randomly)...but I can't figure out how
to have that value returned.  I have something like this:

#macro Sign()
  #local S=seed(clock);
  #local R=rand(S);

  #if(R <= .5)

I don't know if that is right or not, but I hope you can see what I am up to.
I know there is another way to generate random values from -1 to 1
(like: #local R=(rand(S)*2)-1 but just for now, I want to know how to return

BTW, I wonder why POV-Ray Team could've just implemented a #return directive
It would make things really easy...and this shouldn't limit to numbers.


Gautam N. Lad / Vimal N. Lad

- Website:
- ICQ #7196672

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