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the easiest way of describing them, if you dont want the technical jargon is
an image file that contains enough data to simulate in a cg enviroment, the
lighting present at the time the images were created without having to use
any additional cg lights at all , trust me thats the happily ever after
version :-) .

if you dont have final render or brazil then the easiest method to use them
is to install this from the creators of brazil
http://www.splutterfish.com/sf/downloads/max/hdri/HDRI_v1.0.1.zip then
follow thier instructions here
http://www.splutterfish.com/gabry_hdri_tut_tmp/  but undoubtably the best
source for info and updates on the HDRI Scene is http://www.debevec.org/
absolutley not to be missed :-)

Have fun



1. HDR using Renderman in Maya

Hello all,

I'm having a difficulty getting HDR images to work well in RAT 5.5 in
Maya 4.5. I've made several probes in HDRShop and they look beautiful.
When I bring them into Renderman and render using the IBI Surface
Shader they just turn out very dark. I think my HDR images may need to
be exposed a bit more, in Mental Ray I was able to change the exposure
level and they look awesome but in Renderman I'm still stuck with dark

I've seen the solution from Rendermania using an sphere or box to
enclose the objects and placing the HDR image on that sphere or box.
That is how I got it to work in Mental Ray. Is this the best way to go
about it in Renderman? Can anyone provide me with some simple steps or

I've wrote some simple shaders before so I'm even willing to go back
to that direction just to try to get this to work :o) Needless to say
I've been banging my head against the wall for a while on this.

Thanks so much in advance for any help :o)

-- Brock
ICQ: 7104518

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