Metronome volume

Metronome volume

Post by Darrel Hoffma » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 23:09:38

Is it possible to make the Metronome in the sound track any louder?  I can barely hear it at all.  None of the system volume
settings affect it, nor does the volume knob on my speakers.  I'm trying to animate a CG marching band, and it's a little difficult
just listening to the music track...

1. Help! I've lost my metronome

I came across a need for my metronome, and it let me down, man. ...Click
on "preferences" in Track View..."active", got that one...check help
files...nothing! What's going on? Is this elusive tone a sound file, a
MIDI beep or one of those little chirps that seems to come out of my
machine rather than my speakers?


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