newbie - Welding vertex problem

newbie - Welding vertex problem

Post by Janic » Mon, 14 Oct 2002 23:06:42

When I click the Target button in the Weld Group while selecting the
Editable Poly->Vertex mode, I cannot even select the vertex. The cursor
becomes the arrow instead of the cross-hair that is for selecting the
The same happens in Editable Poly->Edge mode.
What did I do wrong?

1. when/how can u weld vertices (splines)?

hi all.

never really needed to weld vertices of splines until now
(using spline cage modelling)

i'm having trouble.. seems like some pairs of vertices in a spline can be
welded whereas some pairs cannot... no matter how high i turn
up the weld threshold, or use a 3d snap to make sure the
2 vertices join, or using 'fuse'  then weld,  some pairs of
vertices just don't weld.

is there any rules to welding?


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