Avi problems in MAX and other avi players...

Avi problems in MAX and other avi players...

Post by Zeeb » Mon, 24 Mar 1997 04:00:00

A while ago i had problems rendering AVI movies in MAX 1.2 under windows
95, the machine just bombed out. The patch from the Kinetix page sorted
that out.

 HOWEVER, i then downloaded a load of updates and plugins from the
 kinetix page and 3d cafe and somehow one of them managed to change
 some system file so that now avi files cause an error when trying to
 render in MAX "Bad AVI class!"  etc, and in other avi players (such as
 media player) i get an error "mmsystem296 not supported" or something
 to that effect. An the other hand Active movie still plays AVI files!!!

 Some people have said that NETOOB is the problem, but i have run 3ds MAX
 fine since installing netoob a while back. Could it then be the active movie

 The thing is that the AVI problem is not due to 3ds MAX but some system

this news list for the next two weeks)

Thanks very much.


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Thanks in advance for any hint :-)

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