Multiple Materials onto one object

Multiple Materials onto one object

Post by Brian Rudol » Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>     I'm kind of new at 3-d Studio. I've only had it for about 3 weeks...
>Anyway, I have modeled a Bic Pen using the 2-d shaper ---> 3d lofter -->
>3d editor. I've made the Pen as one object and I want to know how to
>assign different materials to different parts of the object. For
>instance, I want to be able to make the barrel of the pen a white
>plastic, make the first part of the tip (where the pen begins to taper
>off) a black plastic, make the ball-point tip gold, and I want to put a
>decal of the bic logo on the barrel of the pen.
>    Do I need to re-loft each part of the pen as a separate object? Also
>I'm having a problem with making the very tip of the pen round. I have an
>arc in the 2-d shape representing the tip. When I bring it into the 3-d
>lofter and do a deform/Fit it still looks rounded. I add an extra vertex
>at the tip to make sure that there are enough steps in the path.Then, I
>choose objects/make and it is imported into the 3d editor ,but the tip is
>flat. !!?!

You can apply the materials to a group of faces. Use the Select manu
to choose a selection set of faces, then go to the surface menu and
choose apply/face and hit the selected button. That will assign a
specific material to only the faces selected.

Brian Rudolph
Autodesk Product Support - Multimedia



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