FS: 3D studio Viz

FS: 3D studio Viz

Post by JordO » Mon, 17 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I recently purchased 3D Studio Viz at a charity auction. I have no need for it
 and would like to sell it. The MSRP is $1995.00. I would like to sell it for
 $1200. It has been unopened and is complete, un registered and has the key. If
 interested please E-Mail me.
Jordan Owens


1. FS: 3D Studio Viz R3 Academic

3D Studio Viz R3 for Windows 95/98. Unregistered, academic version.
Includes all manuals, CD, and dongle. Asking $250 OBO plus shipping.

Buyer is required to prepay by money order or Paypal prior to
shipping. For inquiries, feel free to email me.


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