Wiring Dummy to Biped Objects

Wiring Dummy to Biped Objects

Post by jame » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 09:30:25

Wiring Dummy to Biped Objects.

1. Objective:

To control a dummy object with the movement and or rotation of a biped
character studio part. Making it simple, here is a simple example.

2. Example:

Rotation of the biped Upperarm on the Y Axle to control the rotation
of the dummy object on the Y Axle... Sounds Very simple.

3. Steps Taken:

A. Create a dummy object just slightly left and above the right
upperarm, character is facing forward in the front view.

B. Assign controller to R UpperArm, BipRotationlist: Available.
Controller type: Euler XYZ. So far so good...

C. Wire parameter - Transform - Y Rotation - the dummy object to the
Upperarm - Transform - BipedSubAnim - BipeRaotationList - Euler XYZ -
Y Rotation. That was a mouth full...

D. Almost done... Oneway connection, the right parameter controls the
left parameter.. Connect.

C. Go to the motion panel, select the Keyframing tool tab, both
Manipulate and SubAnims shall be enable for this to work.

4. Conclusion:

It only works if you rotate the R UpperArm by selecting it directly,
rotate Y. If child of the IK and or the root object is rotated or
move, it has no affect on the dummy object at all.

What is the solution... Will like to wire multiple dummies to any part
of the biped for use with absolute characters Tools CGMuscle (This
Requires Dummies) and use expression to control and limit the movement
of the dummy objects to half rotation if possible with the use of
expression and also link the object to whatever part of the biped
without it affecting the dummy rotation.

Constraints only offer a minor solution.

Please Help... Thank You


1. ?--stroboscopic, psychedelic dummy objects--?

Here's one for ya:

Dummy objects in the Keyframer have started doing strange things.
As I rotate or move them, or any part of a hierarchy to which they're
linked, they leave afterimages behind, like snapshots of where they were at
successive points in the rotation or motion.  The density of the images
varies with the speed at which I move the mouse; faster yielding lower

Sometimes they turn colors, too.  Orange, green, occasionally blue and
yellow together.  At first, these effects would vanish if I cancelled the
action, but now they stay no matter what, and the only way to get rid of
them is to redraw.  The problem occurs with old files and new.

Although fun to play with if I feel like taking a break (remember the
Spirograph?) basically it's a real nuisance.  Anyone have any ideas?

Jeff Weisend

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