video post

video post

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is there a way to save files that you do video post effects on? like glow,or
lense flare?how do i make and avi with a glow effect etc...


1. Video Post Production SW Manager

Film / Motion Picture & Television Post Production Software Development Manager: Build and manage a team that pushes the technology for video / film post production special effects and game authoring. Industry leader is making
long term commitment to the technology, seeks an experienced developer / manager for their expanding investment. Reports to the  Director of Advanced Technology Motion Picture & Television Manage an extended (in-house and external resources) software development
organization in the implementation of multiple image processing products providing industry leading technology for the film, video post production, multimedia and game authoring industries! Coordinate ALL aspects of product development of 10 - 15 engineers including requirements definition, specification, design, implementation, unit testing, system testing and user documentation. Allocate resources and form teams as needed. Make staffing and contract
decisions to insure adequate resources to meet project objectives. Control project schedule, budget and staffing resources. Work with marketing and user advocates to insure that product design meets specifications. Requirements:
Proven track record in building and managing product development. Proven ability bringing commercial products to the market ON TIME! BS CS, Eng or Image Science, 2 completed projects with 10 people or more, one completed project using object oriented design methods, substantial experience in the use of formal project management and formal software
commercialization processes. Prefer DIRECT EXPERIENCE in the entertainment industry (film, video post production, multimedia or game authoring ). Must have lead 3 large development teams at least one of which being delivered ahead of schedule. Experience leading a geographically diverse team.   Experience developing contracts with and directing the activities of contract houses and other external development partners. Should have developed
a network of contacts including consultants and leading developers which could contribute to the commercialization effort. Needs to: communicate clearly, motivate and focus people, build and direct effective teams, coach and develop people, results focused and GETS THE JOB DONE! Please refer to JO# F1393PTM in your response.
Please forward this message to interested parties. For confidential consideration forward ascii text resume (as text NOT enclosure) to:

3100 NE 48th ST #516 Ft Lauderdale FL 33308 ======================== We specialize in the recruitment and placement of Multimedia, Wireless Tel-com., Medical Imaging. C++, Smalltalk, Ada, X-Windows, Motif, GUI Builders, Mac, SUN, Client/Server. Apply your object expertise. Choose
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