Which programs are best?

Which programs are best?

Post by Wiro » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Oops, wait a sec there.
You can't actually compare MAX and Rhino as these two packages do way
different stuff. Rhino is an excellent modeller (way better than MAX's->
it's NURBS based and has much better booleans) but has a sucky renderer (it
was made for preview and test renders anyway). You'll need a program to
render your meshes and I guess Raydreams is just fine for that. I know what
you mean about it's modeler though. I have RD4 (it was my first 3D package
in fact) and found it's modeler horrible for complex forms. But it's got a
great material editor and V5 has some nice effects too, so I don't think
you'll need MAX if you're only thinking of doing hobby renderings (non
MAX has a great flexibility when it comes to animation and higher leveled
rendering (its material editor is excellent). It's also more complex to use
than RD5. And you'd probably throw away RD5 if you got MAX.
My advice: get Rhino and keep Raydreams for rendering.


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>Rhino is very good NURBS (and ONLY NURBS) modeler.
>MAX is much more complex and you can do many more things with it.
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