3D procedural Textures!

3D procedural Textures!

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The STARFIRE Collection ver 2.0

If you are tired of trying to find a photograph to match the object you have
just created??  How many times have you wished you could create realisitc
surfaces, that would have ulimited resolution and scalability??  

If you demand realism and flexibilty, then you need the StarFire Collection!

Procedural textures have many advantages over using photographs. They will
help you create better looking scenes and animations with allot less hassle!

Most Procedural Texturextures do not offer the controls  needed to create
believable scenes.  The StarFire Collection offers so many control parameters
that your only limitation is your own imagination!

You want realistic bricks, thatch, stone, snake skin, water  ???  
We can give you that and much more!!

Come by and see what I am talking about.


Computation Graphics create plugin's for Lightwave proffessionals.

dural texture can cover the area without repeating. Resolution can also be an issue with a scanned image, but procedural textures can be generated to almost any resolution desired.


1. 3D Procedural Texture Mapping (Marble)


Does anyone have the source code to generate an object using 3D
procedural texture mapping in OpenGL? Preferably using Perlin's noise
and turbulance functions.

Thanks in advance!

Yellow Banana

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