Is BOBOLAND back? what's the url?

Is BOBOLAND back? what's the url?

Post by Smegg » Tue, 22 Sep 1998 04:00:00


Better Smeg than dead :]
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1. woohoo no more funchina virii, and I am back from the dead

man that was really messed up. I had this js/IEstart virii that would open
400 chinese web sites. Not a very malicious virii but bad enough. Before
anyone else gets it I recommend upgrading to 6.0 of IE. Apparantely there
was a hole in the virtual machine code and I never heard about it so I never
bothered to upgrade. Anyway it's good to be back from the depths of hell and
finally got back on my newsgroup server.


2. FYI: Paint Shop Pro 6.01; Animation Shop 2.01; now available

3. Still constructing the 'Previz' (site URL)

4. Still Hoping, For Feed back

5. FOSI's appz page - URL'z

6. Vancouver Doppler- Thank You

7. Just the faq's ma'am