3ds ASCII export file format

3ds ASCII export file format

Post by 3DJ Bob » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

> Hi !

> i am looking for some information on the ASCII export file format of 3ds.

> Can someone help me !!

> cheers..

:o)ASC is even easier to understand than ASE....
I wrote an ASC importer for MAX 2 using MAXScript some days ago,
and it works quite well (except Camera FOV import).

Please email me if you need any specific info.


3dj Bobo
VR Boboland
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1. Looking for Maya ASCII Export file format


I am writing a program that needs to import polygonal data from Maya. Maya
has an ASCII file format (similar to Softimage's text file format) which
exports all the data I need (geometry, perhaps normal information, texture
coordinate mapping, and a reference to a texture file). I have taken a
look at this file and while I do understand where some of it comes from, I
can't figure out a few things. I am looking for some place either on the
Internet or available from a developer or something which explains the
format of this ASCII file so I can add support for it in my program. I
have searched the Alias Wavefront manuals and web site to no avail.

I do not read this newsgroup, so please respond by e-mail. Once I receive
a response, this e-mail address will be deactivated to stop spam.

Thanks in advance,

Elam Birnbaum

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