Good Bones + Bones PRO tutorial.

Good Bones + Bones PRO tutorial.

Post by Tanner Boni » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I was looking for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use Bones and BonesPro,
any help?



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I understand the basic theory behind it, but for crying out loud, can't
somebody post a decent tutorial on it....

yeah, I know, Milkshape, DirectX SDK skinned mesh example...been there, done

First of all, a simple example to start out with would be great. i.e.....a
piece of pipe with 2 bones....

in my www search for info and tutorials, there's been a horrid lack of info
or docs on how to deal with it on the programming end in Directx, for
example the DirectX docs on ID3DXSkinMesh is the most useless I've ever
seen, I would like do skeletal animation with it but as I said the docs are
useless, not to mention the overkill skinnedmesh example, which is nice to
look at but completely non-instructive...

ok, let me put it in nutshell where I need help...
(non-programming side)
1) Overview of how to create / import skeleton and skin from say, 3D Max 4
(that is, to import to directx mesh, and when I say directx I mean in a way
that exports all the bone and weight info, not just exporting a directx mesh
file, a monkey can do that)

(programming side)
(and no, the skinnedmesh example is useless as far as being instructive on
how to do this)
1) Load skinned mesh
2) load skeleton (or combine this with step (1)
3) assign the appropriate bone influence and weights in
the skinned mesh
4) big bonus: how to drive and animate skeleton/mesh thru
loading of motion capture files.....

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