3DStudio Viz4

3DStudio Viz4

Post by rendere » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 06:54:02

I got a long question for you. I just got this program and have a problem
inporting my own textures into the material editor. I followed the books and
when I selct the texture and get it into the materials editor something
happens to the image. It looks like it is a picture in the sand? the only
way I can explain it. The image is only shades of gray and looks like a sand
sculpyure. When I apply it to the object and look at it in a better preview
mode, I can make out the image is there, although very pixelated. But then
when I render it out it looks like the materials editor view, and has the
appearance of materials editor. Looks like a sand sculpture. Anybody have an
idea what the hell I'm doing wrong. I have used RaydreamStudio for so long
my brain has turned to toast I guess when it comes to new programs. Thanks

3DStudio Viz4

Post by gruh » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 12:10:49

You are using the bitmap in the "bump" slot. Try "diffuse".


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