Need Rx7 Model

Need Rx7 Model

Post by Jason Low » Fri, 02 May 1997 04:00:00


        I am doing a model of a clients house and it would be the icing on the
cake if i could get his rx7 in the scene. Thanks in advance. Later

Jason Lowe
Graphic Technical Services


1. (Meta)model for 3D-models needed

Does anyone know a good general model for 3D-objects?
For what I know Inventor and VRML are both well structered (Shape,
Property, Transform etc.) but I'm looking for a more general model which,
for example, can descibe 3DS (3D studio) objects.

Note, I'm looking for *general* model. No specific details should be
incorperated, but all the general types should be there.


thanks in advance.

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