Combining JPEG files into a FLI, FLC or AVI

Combining JPEG files into a FLI, FLC or AVI

Post by RJPavli » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to combine several JPEG files into a FLI, FLC or AVI.
I have looked at Animator studio but have not found an easy way to combine
them together.  This would be really helpfull because I am trying to use
the network rendering option of 3D Studio, and for several machines to
render one scene it outputs to mutiple files.   So if anyone knows of a
way to combine these images in a quick way please let me know ...  


Also my rendering times for one frame can be anywhere from 1 to 5 hours.
I have found several techniques to shorten that time but if anyone has any
further suggetions , they would be greatly appreciated. Along with these
time consuming frames they are running around 8 megs per second. (30
frames a second, res: 640 X 480)


1. Can you make .exe files from .avi, .flc, .fli, etc

Is there a program that can change animation files
like video for windows to .exe files so I could
run them in DOS without running another program to
run them. Please post in this group or

P.S. One of the reasons is when you start the network
it loads a picture that is a .exe file from Graphic workshop
that makes .bmp, etc to .exe. So I would like to know
if their is a way to make them from .avi, etc to .exe
So it will load them instead of just a picture.

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