Custom Attribute trouble !

Custom Attribute trouble !

Post by Adrie » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 17:49:25


I'm using custom attribute to make an object rotate using a spinner.
Everything works fine except that it uses by default the "world axis" to
rotate my object when I need it to rotate on a "local axis". I don't know
how to switch this into the parameter wiring dialog, do I need a special
script ?

Thanks for your help peeps !



1. custom attributes and param out of range curve

my question is this, since the custom attributes appear in the curve
editor, can i expect them to behave as a normal channel would?  So far
my experience is that this not the case. if you apply any of the
looping "param out of range" curves to the an animated custom
attribute channel, the result is wrong. any suggestions as to how to
work around this?

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