Amateur Artists/Coders Wanted

Amateur Artists/Coders Wanted

Post by DAVID WYN DAVI » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I'm looking towards forming a new organisation which will bring together a
large team of amateur programmers and artists (i.e. those who have other jobs
but who can still put together some nifty code or artwork).

Put briefly, this organisation will work on projects put forward by third
parties (as well as working on our own projects) with a view to either place
the software into the shareware market or to pass on for commercial marketing.

So if you can put aside enough time then get in touch.

David Wyn Davies

To Date:
We currently have two projects on the drawing board. One is a project that has
already been accepted for future publication and marketing (just need the
people to work on it) and the other is a major undertaking (possibly 18 months
work for a large team) which we hope will be a big hit.