animating spline Interpolation

animating spline Interpolation

Post by Daniel Harri » Fri, 27 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Animating spline Interpolation.

Is it possible to access the spline Interpolation in the track view?

I'm really getting into controlling the detail of a whole model with
expressions but my damn splines are inaccessible.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Daniel harris


1. Help : Replacing linear interpolation with spline based interpolation

Hello all,
     Almost every references I have seen, it is mentioned that spline-based
interpolation is better than lerping (Linear interpolation), but none say
anything about how to replace linear interpolation with spline-based
interpolation. Any Suggestion ?
Any Help will be appriciated.

Priti Tambi
University Of Central Florida.

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