ECG - Oscilloscope effect ?

ECG - Oscilloscope effect ?

Post by Martin Stephenso » Sat, 07 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I'm trying to create a still shot of an ECG with the green blip running
underneath the word 'PULSE'.  I've got an animationof this already using
motion blur to create the effect, but the tail on the 'blip' is quite short
in the animation.

In the still shot the tail end of the Blip should start quite dim underneath
the 'P' in the word PULSE and the peak needs to be after the 'E' with the
final bright spot after the peak.  The full tail of the blip therefore
travels the entire length of the word PULSE, starting off quite dim and
getting brighter towards the end.  What's the easiest way to create a
glowing texture which fades from dim/virtually transparent to bright.  The
actual blip is easily done with a glow.  I was thinking opacity map from
left to right for the tail.  A motion blur of something like 100 frames
would do it and I'd just keep frame 100 as the still - can you motion blur
that far ?

Comments if you have any clue what I'm saying.


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