SceneGenie Plugin Suite for 3DSMAX 2.5 & 3.0

SceneGenie Plugin Suite for 3DSMAX 2.5 & 3.0

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Mountain View, CA, November 30, 1999 --- Autonomous Effects(AFX) is
pleased to announce the availability of SceneGenie(tm) and SceneGenie
Limited(tm), two new plug-in suites for 3D Studio MAX(tm) R2.5 and R3.0,
at  SceneGenie and SceneGenie Limited offer a level of
problem-solving capability unprecedented on any platform, extending the
basic idea of Inverse Kinematics to Inverse Anything(tm).

SceneGenie brings sophisticated animation, 3D matching, and motion
capture capabilities to 3D Studio MAX. With over 50 components,
SceneGenie can match, track, and control just about anything.  Analyze
any number of video or film clips simultaneously with
resolution-independent subpixel tools.  Let SceneGenie adjust the scene
until the rendered version comes out just so: until the rendered color
matches a clip, a shadow falls at the right spot, or the light level
matches a flickering fireplace.

SceneGenie and SceneGenie Limited solve difficult animation tasks
without complex formulas -- including tasks that can't be solved with
formulas no matter how long you study that old trigonometry book!
Animate complex mechanisms or path problems.  Do inverse kinematics even
when motion is created by modifiers or animated morphs.  Use the
right-click features to quickly add or switch between different target
objects, or to switch back and forth between forward and inverse
kinematics.  Bake SceneGenie controls--or any MAX controls--to keyframes
for further editing.

SceneGenie Limited is a subset of SceneGenie tailored and priced
specifically for animators, featuring all of SceneGenie's powerful
kinematics capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

As a special introductory offer, SceneGenie is $695, and SceneGenie
Limited $395.  After December 31, 1999, prices will be $995 for
SceneGenie and $495 for SceneGenie Limited.

Versions for MAX R2.5 and R3.0 are included in the price, so there's
no charge to upgrade SceneGenie from R2.5 to R3.0. Both products are
available now.

AFX products may be purchased and downloaded immediately from the
AFX web site (CDs and manuals ship separately), and phone and FAX
orders are also accepted.  Visit AFX at

System Requirements

SceneGenie and SceneGenie Limited run in the standard 3D Studio MAX
environments, including Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98.
Versions for 3DS MAX R2.5 and R3.0 are included with each purchase.

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1. SceneGenie match-mover plugin

AFX is pleased to announce release 1.2 of SceneGenie, our
amazing and affordable 3DSMAX plugin suite for integrating
live action and animated effects, which is already being
used in several effects-driven TV productions.

Here are some of the highlights of the new release.

* CameraGenie utility for camera match-moving
    - 3-D tracks from moving cameras
    - requires no on-set measurements
    - integrated easy-to-use user-interface
    - generates camera track and point locations in
            seconds once 2-D tracking is complete!
    - also handles tripod-mounted cameras
    - special feature for outdoor scenes, with as few as
            4 unmeasured trackable points.
    - step-by-step tutorial on Camera Genie will have
            you completing your first track in under
            half an hour.
    - with a little more experience, you can match-move
            similar production shots in under 5 minutes!

* Fast Spot Sensor Interface
    - slick user interface for maximum workflow on
            2-D tracking
    - keyboard accelerators, mouse motions for
            heavy-duty use
    - speed optimized spot tracker code, includes MMX
    - memory optimization, can keep whole shot in RAM
    - partial image loading on large TARGA & Cineon shots.
    - Result: tracking reaches 20-30 frame/second

Get all the details and download the new demo version from
our web site at

Autonomous Effects

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