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I have got a big problem about 3dstudio release 4 for D.O.S. (not windows)
I have installed this version and i configured the resolution with "3ds
( a friend tell me it, i didn't know it!!)But the problem is that the 3ds
failure, don't start, and i can't work. A friend tell me i had to install
the drivers of my graphic target (S3 Trio 64V +). I see into the diskette
and i don't find nothing.

        Someone can help and give me the S3 trio 64V+ drivers for this 3dstufio
        I'm looking forward to receiving it!!

        Thank all.      AeropaU. (Send the answer to Email, not to news, please.)



Post by Andreas Josefsso » Wed, 28 May 1997 04:00:00

Help ;-|

I'm doing a vrml world for navigation on a web site but ran into some
problems trying to make some fun stuff.

I've tried to export to VRML 2.0 with the plugin from Kinetrix but not
very successfully.

The only vrml helper objects that seems to work is LOD and TouchSensor (of
them that can have action triggers) and the touchsensor just plays
animations once even if they are looped in Max.....

 Has anyone out there made an successfully export with different triggers
 such as proximity and time sensors. And if so how.
 Or is it my browser that is stupid. I'm using netscape comunicator that
 shipps with Cosmo Player as a default vrml 1 & 2 plugin.

 Also is there something to do to make the lightning work properly.

Lots of questions


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