Use of Lattice.Cel - odd rendering.

Use of Lattice.Cel - odd rendering.

Post by Doug Ga » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hey 3ds users,
    Anybody out there had any luck with the Lattice.cel opacity map?   I'm
trying to use it on a Gazebo like structure, but  when It's rendered from
anywhere but extreme close up I get a fuzzy transparent effect, rather
than the nice grid.   Any pointers?

Douglas Gann
R. C. Goodwin and Associates,
Frederick Md


1. Fast rendering of 3d lattices

I'm about to understake some research on datasets which are small
values on 3d lattices. Ie - states on a 3 dimensional cellular
automata, or just a binary 3 dimensional array.

I'm hoping to find some already-written software to display these
things. What I have in mind is the obvious - some sort of software to
display 3d lattices as a block of cubes with some (quick and dirty)
perspective. Presumably each block could be coloured, but that's not
essential - even having code displaying just off/on for each cell
would be very helpful.

The main things I'm looking for (in order of importance):

decently written C code
understandable display (changing viewpoint?)
X windows code

Does such a beastie exist? I could probably write one, but not well.

Thanks for your help,

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