KPT Question: Gradient Designer in Mask Channels

KPT Question: Gradient Designer in Mask Channels

Post by PnJn » Tue, 17 Feb 1998 04:00:00

>Date: Mon, Feb 16, 1998 01:55 EST

>I've been trying to apply square and rectagular gradients in mask
>channels in PhotoShop. So far I have been unable to do this and cannot
>figure out why. I can apply a texture and even used speroid designer
>but I can only use a linear gradient in an alpha channel.

>Am I doing something wrong?

Have been following your thread with interest and since you haven't had much
response to date,  I will jump in with  my  measly 2 cents

Although I use kpt in another program and haven't tried to do what you propose,

(standard what the heck do I know disclaimer)

I have often found problems like this to be some simple thing overlooked.  Here
are a couple of things to doublecheck.  In the "heat of the hunt" boy is it
easy to overlook something simple.

Area selected on image?

All PS settings checked?  Background and foregrounds set to black and white?

KPT options reset to normal  Ctrl E? Oddball things can happen with leftover
setting still in place until cleared, I have manually set everything to my new
action and  still couldn't get it til I cleared  with control E and started
over.  Most common symptom of this is  you can't see your image on the viewer,
just the PS foreground or background  color.

If your using a preset for your gradient have you checked the opacity setting
of that particular gradient?  (this one has had me scratching my head several

Hopefully someone will post behind me with some more precise information.




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