clipping path reply to Ash

clipping path reply to Ash

Post by Lora Olive » Sun, 28 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi Ash,

Yes I did get clipping paths function to work. I found out what I was doing
wrong quite by accident.  I was cleaning out a folder one day when I double
clicked an EPS file that I had been using to try to create a clipping path,
it open straight to Illustrator, and the clipping path was there!  So what
I had been doing wrong before was that I was trying to "Place" into
Illustrator instead of simply "Open" it from Illustrator.  I was soooo

I tried to responded back to you by E-mail but that didn't work. I new to
news groups.
Thanks so much for responding.


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Recently, I've read interesting articles or have received several pieces
of interesting mail.  Unfortunately, the return paths has been bad ones.
I've corresponded with other people (most recently Peter Neumann at
SRI) about this problem.  It only appears to be getting worse.  I feel
very bad about if someone sends me mail, and I can't get an answer to them.
For all of us: please figure out a return path or address if on the
Internet (in particular) and put it at the end of articles or mail
like a signature.

From the Rock of Ages Home for Retired Hackers:

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