Please help installing Wacom ArtII on W2K

Please help installing Wacom ArtII on W2K

Post by << Faruk >> » Wed, 03 May 2000 04:00:00

I can not install Wacom tablet under my new Windows 2000. It worked fine
with NT4 SP6.
I have downloaded the new driver software 4.4 (supposed to work with W2000).
Problem is it cannot recognise the com port 2. It is connected to com2 and
it shows up as com2 during the manual  installation.

Please help



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Well, normally, COM1 and COM3 share IRQ4, and COM2 & COM4 share IRQ3,
and you're not supposed to use two serial devices that share the same
IRQ at the same time...  Hmm, I have JUST ordered a Wacom tablet
yesterday, but your message has just made me realize (duh) that, since
I have my mouse on COM1 and modem on COM2, that I will have to disable
one or the other when I use my tablet!  Is there ANY way around this??

When these tablet companies like Wacom advertise that you can use its
tablet with a mouse at the same time, can that possibly mean having
the tablet and mouse share the same IRQ port?

Alternatively, I remember back in the DOS days with Qmodem Pro that I
can actually change the IRQs of the COM ports to non-standard settings
- I wonder if I can also do this in Win95 (I doubt it)?


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