Screen resolution 1280x960 with Matrox Millennium?

Screen resolution 1280x960 with Matrox Millennium?

Post by Ingo Kellpinsk » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hello everybody!

Has someone ever find a way to use a screen resolution of 1280x960 (side
ratio of 4:3) with a Matrox Millennium under WinNT 4.0 SP3? The driver panel
does not allow to set these values but maybe there is a registry patch or
something else.
I would like to extend my display from the current 1152x864 because my
monitor can manage this (many of the modern 19'' monitors will too). The
next offered resolution of 1280x1024 will distort the images because of the
side ration of 5:4.
I have already tried to contact Matrox Support twice but didn't get an

Thanks in advance.



1. Matrox Millennium & low resolution modes

If you're just using the VESA drivers, when the 640x400 call fails,
just put it in 640x480 and ignore the bottom 80 pixels... no real
code change.. 100% hack.. works fine. (I've been coding for the
government for too long.. I think that's an acceptable solution.. :).

You could make small code hacks (or just start 40 rows in instead of
at A0000) to center it on the screen if you want..


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