"Save for web" not working in PS 5.5

"Save for web" not working in PS 5.5

Post by Ken and Ja » Mon, 24 Jan 2000 04:00:00

In PS 5.5 when I use "save for web", nothing happens. When I first used
it, I got the four image screen just like in image ready. I tried
flattening and making sure that I'm in 8 bit RGB and not multichannel.
I've seen this question before but haven't seen an answer that worked.

1. "Save" on PS 5.5

I just got a G4 with PS 5.5 and noticed that when I try to resave a psd
file I get a message which says I can't save the file because the file
is currently in use. I assume it's talking about me since I'm the only
one working on the image. The only way I can resave the file is use the
"Save as" command and then tell it to replace the file which already
exists. I never had this problem with PS 5.0 and was wondering if anyone
else has seen this before.


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