open jpeg error file-format module interface

open jpeg error file-format module interface

Post by Aaron » Sat, 07 Jul 2001 00:59:52

I've been having problems in Photoshop 6.0.1 lately.  When attempting to
open jpeg files I get the error "Could not open whatever.jpg because of a
problem with the file-format module interface"  It's happening with jpegs
sort of intermittently.  Sometimes if I close then reload Photoshop, the
same files will open correctly.

I've had some computer problems with my P2 800 lately that could be related.
A few days ago I installed Bibble, a great little graphics program.  Might
not be related, but soon after I had system problems. (win98SE started
redetecting all my hardware on bootup, and in DOS I got some FAT errors)
I've been suspicious of my hard drive, so I replaced it and restored my
Ghost backup of my boot drive.

Anyone know what's going on?  Could Bibble be corrupting my jpeg files?  Any
help appreciated.  ... Aaron


1. Error editing PDF - file-format module could not parse the file

I am trying to edit a PDF document in Photoshop 6 (Mac OS 9) and are
receiving the following error:

Could not open "TempFile-109768509.pdf" because the file-format module
could not parse the file.

This occurs when trying to edit the PDF from inside Acrobat 4.05. There
is an option to "Edit Image" in Acrobat. That function supposed to open
the selected image part of the PDF in Photoshop. You can then make
changes to the image, close the file, an then automagically, the
changes are make to the open PDF in Acrobat.

This is a Photoshop error NOT Acrobat.

Yes, Photoshop can open the PDF from the open menu, BUT, when you then
resave the file as a PDF from Photoshop, the new document has increased
in size by a factor of 10 and the image is seriously degraded by the
additional compression applied.

This supposed to work flawlessly as indicated in both th Acrobat and
the Photoshop docs.

I suspect that because the error indicates that it cannot open a temp
file, that there may be a memory issue involved. I have given Photoshop
180 Mb of real ram and have 20 GB free HD space. Note that the original
PDF is ONLY 40 K.

Temp files usually need the Clipboard, but I don't know how to increase
that memory allocation.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.


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