5 or 12 megapixels

5 or 12 megapixels

Post by Tim92 » Sun, 06 Mar 2011 11:25:20

I am just taking pics to be displayed on the screen, not for printing.  I
have a 12 megapixel cam, but it seems like overkill.  Do you think using the
5 mp option is good enough, such as posting pics to social networking sites.

5 or 12 megapixels

Post by Tim92 » Sun, 06 Mar 2011 23:07:53

Quote:> In general, you should pay more attention to the SIZE and acceptable
> quality you need.  I dislike low-rez image so all my photos always saved
> as
> MAX quality (example with Photoshop I save at Quality = 12)

It's a Polaroid i237 digital camera.  I think it takes great pics.

If I upload pics to facebook at 5mp, it resizes it to fit on the screen.
When I view the same pic in Photoshop (without facebook), it shows it at
about 25% to fit on screen.


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