Can't install Q329623 - needed to install Epson 3200 Pro Scanner

Can't install Q329623 - needed to install Epson 3200 Pro Scanner

Post by Bobby7750 » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 23:13:17

As soon as I try to install, I get a message which reads: Setup could not
verify the integrity of the file Update.inf.  Make sure the Cryptographic
service is running on this computer.  The installation of the update then
stops.  I need this file in order to install my new Epson 3200 Pro scanner.
Any suggestions?



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I can't get past 26% installation and it stops with the error box that
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It always stops at the 26% point with this message.  And the last file
it is loading at this 26% point is " rotate4.vfx"   I didn't pay
almost $500 for a program that won't load.  I have a PII 333 with a
Matrox Marvel G200 and Windows 98.  Both these have been reported to
have no problems with the Media Studio Pro 5.2 software so what gives?

Thanks for any help, because Ulead sure has no answers.  I think I
better pack this up and send it back to


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