does anybody know of a program [1/1]

does anybody know of a program [1/1]

Post by Leon Jr Beasle » Sun, 21 Jul 1996 04:00:00

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1. Anybody Know Of A Free Program...

     I'm not sure if my message from yesterday ever got posted because it included a sample image. Anyway, I'm trying again without the image. I was simply wondering if anybody knows of a free image editing program i could download where I could pixelate or cause a mosaic effect over a portion of the image.

     I'm talking about the effect more often seen on television to cover nude body parts or certain people's faces. I've downloaded around 6 or 7 programs from Cnet, but only a couple of them could cause the wanted effect for the whole picture, and not a given section of the image (such as Eye Batch 2). You can use filters and effects on a portion of the pic with the 20/20 program, but it doesn't have that pixelated option I want.

     If anybody knows what I'm talking about (too bad I couldn't include the sample), or better yet, knows of a program that can do this, your input will be much appreciated.


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