Altering mouse menu

Altering mouse menu

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How can I alter the right-button-mouse-menu in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 6.0?
As a dentist I'm archiving and improving hundreds of my diapositives via
The procedure is always the same:
1. Turning the scanned picture to symmetrie
2. T* away the non-interesting parts of the picture
3. Correcting the Gamma-curve
4. Auto-Sharpening
(5. Improving the colour-balance)
6. Re-Sizing into 15x10cm
7. Adding the picture-information and giving a name to the file.
As I failed to automatize this procedure I should like to have those
procedures as menu-items when clicking on the right mouse-key, so that I am
not forced to click endlessly through the menues.
Does anybody know a way to change the fixed menu-form (like in the

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I am working on a 4D/35TG Personal Iris
workstation running IRIX 4.0.1 and I
want to be able to change my mouse cursor
icon from the tiny red arrow that comes
with the system.  I have seen in the
X configuration file (.Xdefaults or
.xsession, I forget which) a way to change
the cursor for shell windows.  Does a more
powerful global change method exist?

Please email answers to me and I will
summarize to the newsgroup!


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