Setting own preferences on right mouse click

Setting own preferences on right mouse click

Post by Erica Dion » Thu, 24 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hi, anyone please help..
I've just upgraded to pshp4 and it's driving me crazy not being able to
customize my own commands as it was in pshp3.5.
I know you can create macro in the actions palette but i need only quick
and simple command access on the right mouse click. Now whenever i do a
right mouse click it's only commands associated with whatever tools in
use and it is totally useless!!.
So if anyone out there (I've only just have access to newsgroups
recently) knows how to customize the commands for the right mouse click
without involving

Much Thanks in advance


1. Corel 7: Special Preferences Right Mouse B

assignment to put the 2x Zoom on when you pressed, and unzoom when you
double-clicked.  I haven't been able to figure out how to
do this with Corel 7.  Any clues anyone?      Patrice Stanton <<

  If you go into Tool\Options and set the zoom to zoom 2, you can then
have the left mouse button enlarge (by a 2x factor) and the right mouse
button shrink (by a 2x factor) while the Zoom tool is activated. Or keep
the default and the rmb will show the zoom menu. Or use the zoom toolbar
that appears. Or, you can use Customize and make macro quick keys for
zooming to your wants. But the "old" and, I agree, very handy rmb single
click to zoom 2x and double click to unzoom to past position is missed by
me too. Apparently (because this was a Beta point strongly made) the
engineers believed the loss of current abilities would be too much to
keep the previous option, and the program size would increase (even more)
too much for it's value. Thus it was kept off.

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