Getting transparent gifs to stay transparent in other apps

Getting transparent gifs to stay transparent in other apps

Post by Todd W. Roa » Sun, 16 Feb 1997 04:00:00

As per subject line, I cant get a transparent gif to remain so in
Poerpoint, Publisher etc....

Please, please, please....solve the puzzle!

"This space is getting hot."


1. transparent gifs..not totally transparent

when i try to make the gif image transparent, and then upload my
page it doesn't ture out totally transparent.
like they'll be white lines where it's suppose to be transparent.
Does anyone know what could be wrong??

Also, images that i makes using photoshop, and then i upload them the
colors are all grainy...and strange.
Is there some way to prevent that, or is there a color mode i should be in
that would nat have this problem....

if you know please e-mail

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