Happy New Year with "Lumières d'Opale"

Happy New Year with "Lumières d'Opale"

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Hello and happy New Year,
The Lumires dOpale ("Lights of Opal") Gallery presents pictures
from the C?te D'Opale where the light is always changing. Some photos
strongly raster are aimed to try to cross eyes digital photography and
pointillist painting.
Discover a new selection of 20 new photos of August 2010: numbering
Lumo 1182 to 1163.
The Gallery, periodically enriched, today presents approximately 270
photos, easily accessible.   Downloading and using non-profit are
allowed, subject to mentioning the source.
The site is no profit. I am an amateur photographer. I use optical
Leica, "Panasonic tz6" apparatus.
For optimal vision full screen: click View/full screen, then click
"Slideshow" at the top left
ATTENTION: to achieve this gallery, click the correct address:

1. New gallery "Lumières d'Opale"

Some of you have visited the site "Lumires dOpale".

Since March 2007, 50 albums - with 720 photos - have been published,
which have benefited over 13000 visits. THANK YOU FOR YOUR

This site will soon be closed. It is replaced by a gallery of photos
in format full screen. You will now find a selection of 120 from
photos Sitemap "Lumires dOpale". Soon, you'll find  original

To reach this gallery, click:


This site provides photos of the Opal Coast, where light is always

Downloading and using, not-for-profit, are allowed, subject to the

If you want to formulate an opinion or be informed personally new

For me, my website is an opportunity to grow and to share my interest
for the photo and the Opal Coast with its visitors. It is also easy,
and the less consumer time, to gather feedback and advice. It is non-



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