Need digital prints

Need digital prints

Post by Thomas E. Sea » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

> I am in need of some digital 8 x 10 prints and am looking for quality as
> good as the 400 DPI Fujix Picto. prints, BUT I need them on matte paper
> and am in kind of a hurry (next 10d-2wks).

> Does anybody sell such a thing?

Dianne, I think I picked up your thread on the
newsgroup, but here it is again...

Just attach the JPG files to be printed to an email and send them on to
us.  We print all incoming digital files the next business morning and
can Fed-x (or regular mail) them back to you that day. We can print on
matte or glossy paper (which has a display life of 50-60 years, ten
times better than dye-sub prints!). 8x10's - $10, 5x7's - $5, 4x6's -
$4, 3.5x5's - $3.
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