Wyoming quarter

Wyoming quarter

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Do you want a Wyoming quarter?  I have one.  What about North Carolina?

1. Last Chance to Win: Insert Quarter Here

Insert Quarter Here

This month is dedicated to the art of game production and the Softimage
customers who make it all happen.

Last Chance to Win a copy of BattleZone!
Fill in the on-line sweepstakes form, and enter into a chance to win a
copy of the new PC game from Activision:  BattleZone!  (official rules
and regulations posted on Softimage.com).  This is the last week to
enter, the winners from the first week are now posted, and we'll post
the next 2 winners next Tuesday.

Mega Technique:
An 8-part Technical Seminar for creating a game character with
SOFTIMAGE|3D.  A new section is posted every Monday and Thursday.
Monday,   May 25 - Animation: Tutorial
Thursday, May 28 - Importing, Exporting, and Viewing

How to Get a Job in Gaming
Insight from the field, and links to our Job and Talent Banks

The low-down on the latest games-relevent features in SOFTIMAGE|3D
v.3.8, and the new Games Development Kit.

Games Created by Softimage customers:
Our Games Customers
A partial list of Softimage game customers

Want Our Games Reel?
Fill in a form and receive a VHS or PAL copy of our games reel

Customer Stories
-Zelda 64:  The Ocarina of Time
-Sega Super GT Racer
-Starship Titanic
-Virtua Fighter 3
-Hexen 2

New Games Coming Soon
A list of games to come from companies that use Softimage|3D

So set your browser to http://softimage.com

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5. Insert Quarter Here

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