Can't change PS file type icons in WinXP

Can't change PS file type icons in WinXP

Post by Sgt.Tor » Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:15:47

Hi, All

Using Photoshop Elements on WinXP and I can't change my PS file type icons.
All supported file types appear as the "eye" icon with "photo" as the text.
But if I look in "Control Panel/Folder Options/File Types" the icons appear
as the "eye" icon with "gif", "jpeg", "targa", etc. as the text (which is
what I would prefer).

If I change the icons myself, XP stubbornly changes them back to "photo"
immediately. I have also tried changing to a really nice alpha-blended PS
icon (would look nice in XP) but again XP refuses to accept.

I'm thinking this may have something to do with XP's built-in
thumbnail/filmstrip previews, but not sure. BTW, Elements works fine and all
file types open no problem. Any ideas on how to change my icons?


1. Can't view PS Font files (Type-1) in LW


Im fairly new (and a registered owner) to LW 5.0.
Under About in Layout it reads Lightwave 3D
x86 5.00mand under Modeler it reads Version 5.00e
(5.30.96). The only programs on my system are
Win95 on Drive C and Newteks Lightwave on
Drive D. I am running no other programs under
Win95. Win95 was not installed over any previous
Window versions.

My problem is that when I open the PS Font folders,
B&PGRAPH or SOFTMAKE, the files are empty.
I have show all files enabled, when I look in the
folders whether it be in the Requester dialog box in
LW, in the Win95 Explorer file system or in them on
the LW CD. Ive tried searching my system for *.afm
and *.pfb files and found nothing. Newtek suggested
that I try the CD on another computer to see if the
PS Font files were there and sure enough they were.
Newtek does not know why I cant view them on my
system. I do have access to True-Type fonts though.

A while back I believe I read in another newsgroup
that you must have ATM (Adobe Type Manager
version 3.02 or 4.0) on your Win95 system in
order for Win95 to see PS Fonts (Type-1). The
owner of the other computer did not know if ATM
was installed anywhere on his system. I have read
that ATM is sometimes buried in graphics programs.
He did have Quickview Plus and some graphic
programs installed on his system. Also, I noticed
a LoadFonts plug-in on page 338 of the Reference
Guide and was wondering if it has to be loaded,
but in reading its description it sounds like its
unrelated to my problem.

Any solution(s) to my missing PS Fonts problem
would be greatly appreciated.

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